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Ali Hamza

A freelancer who provide services for digital programming and design content needs for all businesses with more than 10 years of expericence
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book Education

  • Ali Public School

    2006 — 2010
    I read in this school from playgroup to 3rd standard. Then I moved to Lahore Pakistan for elite quality of Education.
  • CDG BHS School

    2014 — 2020
    I read in this school from 6th standard to 10th. This is the best school in the government sector of Pakistan. Because it provides that kinda stuff that another private sector school provides taking a lot of money. It's the only school that pushes my level up and that's always will stay in my soul.
  • Beacon House College

    2020 — 2022
    I finished my 2 years of reading in 11th and 12th standard here. To cut a long story short, in 2 years I learned nothing rather than the race of numbers between students. The ridiculous thing, that was your friend sitting beside you, he used to be felt an opponent in front of you.
  • Expericence Expericence

  • Editor

    2018 —
    Editor plan, revise, and coordinate material for publication in newspapers, magazines, books, or websites.
  • Graphic Designer

    2020 —
    Graphic design is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages. By applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, designers use typography and pictures to me
  • Web Designer

    2022 —
    My job is to build your website so that it is functional and user-friendly but at the same time attractive. Moreover, I add personal touch to your product and make sure that is eye-catching and easy to use.
  • Skills

  • Web Design 80%
  • Logo Design 75%
  • Branding 90%
  • Web Development 95%
  • Coding 60%
  • Lets Contact

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